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New AI software Luma Genie generates 3D models from text free of charge

The US start-up Luma has presented “Genie“, an AI software that can generate three-dimensional models based on text input. The input is reminiscent of ChatGPT, but uses a language model specialized in 3D modelling.

According to Luma, Genie can be used to create 3D models within a few seconds using simple text commands and then refine them further. The software is currently available as a free “Research Preview” and can be used via the Discord service.

After generation, details such as material and texture can be adjusted and the 3D model can be downloaded in .glb format. Genie is intended to help visualize and implement design ideas quickly.

Luma sees the software as the basis for further developments in generative AI-supported 3D modeling. Back in December, the company presented “Imagine 3D“, an alpha version of an AI for 3D models.

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