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Prusa facilitates 3D printer belt tension adjustment via smartphone app

Czech 3D printer manufacturer Prusa Research has introduced a new method for checking the belt tension of its printers on a model-specific basis. Users can now do this conveniently with a smartphone.

Correct belt tension is important so that the print head can be moved precisely. Belts that are too loose can cause inaccuracies, while belts that are too tight put stress on the mechanical parts. The new app analyzes belt vibration via the smartphone microphone.

According to Prusa, the process works on MK3, MK4 and XL models. After selecting the printer type and axis, the app shows in real time whether the tension is optimal, too high or too low. In this way, Prusa wants to make setup easier, especially for beginners.

Until now, belt tension had to be checked using mechanical measurement methods. For the smaller MK3 and Mini models, Prusa also offers a 3D printable tension gauge. With the new app, belts can now be adjusted quickly and precisely, without tools. The app is a web app that works with Android as well as the iPhone. It can be accessed at https://belt.connect.prusa3d.com/.

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