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Rayvatek uses Metal 3D Printing Technology from SLM Solutions

Recently, Rayvatek, an additive manufacturing technology and services company, showcased its aerospace materials solutions at several high-profile events. In developing these products, Rayvatek collaborated with SLM Solutions, the leading provider of industrial metal 3D printing machines.

The aerospace industry was one of the first to adapt 3D printing technology and remains one of the fastest growing application areas in the world. SLM Solutions delivers ideal metal 3D printing technologies that meet the stringent requirements of aircraft engine manufacturers, resulting in more efficient manufacturing processes, better product quality and lower costs.

Of particular note is SLM’s use of selective laser melting to produce integrated thrust chambers. These combine multiple parts into one, supported by 3D-printed lattice structures and internal cooling channels. This technique results in better part quality, weight reduction and fuel savings.

Rayvatek emphasizes the value of SLM technology in overcoming common aerospace manufacturing problems. For example, using the SLM280 3D printer allows injectors of various sizes to be manufactured in a single process, reducing development time and enabling more efficient oxidizer injections.

CBO of Rayvatek said: “We are delighted to cooperate with SLM Solutions, a leading metal 3D printing equipment manufacturer. Combining SLM’s high-precision printing capabilities with Rayvatek’s experience and expertise in the space industry allows us to develop and produce high-quality space components and expand our offerings to a wider range of sectors, including aerospace, maritime transport, electric vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, heavy machinery and molds, and energy.”

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