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RD Physics and Sulapac introduce 3D Printed Loudspeaker Sfaira

RD Physics, a world leader in 3D-printed speaker production, has partnered with Sulapac, a materials innovation company, to create the most sustainable speaker on the market.

The joint creation, the Sfaira speaker – made with Sulapac – is part of RD Physics’ “Circular Sound” project, which is dedicated to a circular economy in the speaker industry. The outer part of the speaker is made of Sulapac, a bio-based, biodegradable and recyclable 3D printing material, while the electronic components are recycled.

Sulapac materials are expected to replace conventional plastics. The latest innovation, Sulapac Flow 1.7, is suitable for filament extrusion and industrial 3D printing. The Sfaira speaker is the first commercial product made with Sulapac to enter the market.

“The visionary idea behind Circular Sound and the unique characteristics of Sulapac material complement each other in a beautiful way resulting in a truly sustainable and circular product which sets an example across industries,” says Suvi Haimi, CEO and Co-Founder of Sulapac.

RD Physics develops speakers that not only sound good, but are also good for the environment. The company recycles old speaker components by 3D printing new enclosures for them.

“The enclosure material needs to reflect our mission of reducing waste and offering our customers a sustainable way of elevating their music listening experience with high-quality loudspeakers,“ says Kim-Niklas Antin, Founder of RD Physics. “Sulapac was the natural choice for RD Physics when developing the Circular Sound loudspeaker series,” Antin continues.

The technical properties of Sulapac Flow 1.7, such as high dimensional stability and elasticity, make it ideal for 3D printing. The wood component gives printed objects a distinctive finish. The material is industrially compostable and recyclable.

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