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Rocket 1: World’s Fastest & Most Accurate Resin 3D Printer

HITRY, a team of innovators in 3D printing since 2014, recently announced the launch of Rocket 1 – the world’s first DCLF (Digital Continuous Liquid Forming) Technology 3D printer. A Rocket 1 is capable of printing 260mm/h, which is 20 to 60 times faster than traditional resin printers. This is the highest speed achievable by a 3D printer. In the future, the printing speed can reach 1000mm/h! Rather than waiting for hours, you can now get your project done in minutes!

This impressive new release from HITRY sets a new standard in 3D printing with DCLF (Digital Continuous Liquid Forming) Technology, which integrates the 35μm ultra-high XY resolution, the ultra-long life of DLP, and the top-down surface-curing of stereolithography technology. The key to the continuous liquid forming of the DCLF tech is the self-developed photosensitive resin. In addition to the nanomaterials that promote the rapid leveling of the resin, our photosensitive resin also contains components that enhance oxygen barrier polymerization, which increases the uncured layer in contact with oxygen from zero to ten microns to dozens of microns to hundreds of microns for ultra-high resolution results. So that the surface of top-down printing can level quickly without changing the resin’s curing properties or using a scoop to achieve an incredibly high printing speed.

In addition to its highest printing speed, Rocket 1 also has the highest XY accuracy currently available. This printer can easily produce intricate details and holes as small as 0.2mm, through which fluids and gases can pass freely – exactly the kind of accuracy that is required by researchers using complex models for study.
Top-down printing also allows the prints to be protected from gravity and peeling forces, which makes it possible to print highly transparent materials. Rocket 1 prints as clear as glass. You can even use it to print a pair of glasses for yourself. With its top-down design, it is easy to print flexible models as well, such as shoe pads. Models printed by Rocket 1 need very few supports, or even no support, which saves a lot of post-processing time.
Rocket 1 crafts its products with extremely fine details, and every part can fit perfectly with only 0.05mm clearance on one side, much better than most 3D printers, while the model is as smooth and flawless as an injection-molded part. Rocket 1 offers 8 types of photosensitive resins, which cover every industry as well as diverse applications, and it can start printing immediately with just 300g of resin.

Thanks to the powerful DCLF technology, Rocket 1 is able to print solid cubic models with 8CM sides. Furthermore, Rocket 1 is intuitive and user-friendly. No leveling or professional experience is required. Just plug it in and start printing. Since the light projects from the top of the machine down to the resin surface and cures it, Rocket 1 has no vulnerable parts such as LCD screens or release films, so there is no maintenance to save your time and money.
With ultimate speed and ultra-high resolution DCLF technology, the HITRY Rocket 1 ushers in a new era of 3D printing, offering powerful, user-friendly, quality printing options for everyone. HITRY Rocket 1 is coming to Kickstarter soon. Limited special offers start from $599.

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