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SelfCad and MyMiniFactory announce Partnership

MyMiniFactory bills itself as “the world’s leading curated social platform for 3D printable objects.”

Like YouTube, but for 3D printing, designers upload their creations for the world to see. . .and use. The library of 3D printable objects is constantly growing, and MyMiniFactory guarantees that each object is able to be printed. Partnering with SelfCAD promises to be a huge boost for MyMiniFactory.

“We are thrilled,” said SelfCAD’s Marketing Director, Jonathan Gross. “Our users benefit from access to the huge library, and MyMiniFactory’s library will grow with SelfCAD’s users’ amazing and complex 3D designs.”

SelfCAD is a 3D modeling/sculpting/printing website for beginners and intermediate designers. The online program helps them push their creative abilities by offering tools for designing complicated models as well as features like Magic Fix to ensure the design is printable. Unlike some other 3D modeling programs, SelfCAD puts greater control in users’ hands. SelfCAD is also cloud-based so users do not have to store designs on their own drives. The program also boasts its own slicer to prepare designs for a 3D printer.

“We’ve designed SelfCAD to help 3D printing enthusiasts to be able to do more with their designs,” said Aaron Breuer, CEO of SelfCAD. “Our sculpting tools help users create what they envision, even if there are complex bends and twists. I’m excited to see what our users share with the world on MyMiniFactory.”