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Smooth 3D prints without any post processing are now possible with printoptical

With classic FDM technology, binder jetting technology and even with lasers/uv-lights and resin everything is printed in layers. All techniques are optimised to allow layer heights to be only a few microns but they are there – you can see and you can feel them in most cases. Luxexcel is specialszed in printing optic elements and therefore they have developed printoptical.

The technique used isn’t as complex as you might think: Very small droplets of a UV curing liquid are deposited. Then the liquid has some time to spread out. After that it is cured with a UV light. For the next layers the same things happen until the object is finished. These steps result in a very detailed object that has no visible layers at all.

If you think you need an object with this grade of detail you can contact Luxexcel over the company’s website. There is no minimal order amount when you order objects that Luxexcel produces with the printoptical printing technology. The advantages are very clear: objects even with fine structures can be printed without any visible layer. The disadvantages are also well known: producing objects with this technology takes a huge amount of work for the producing machine and a long time because it’s pretty expensive. However, depending on the use case it may be cheaper than conventional production.

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