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SprintRay introduces new 3D-dental-resin OnX Tough

SprintRay, manufacturer of dental 3D printing solutions, has announced a new dental resin, the OnX Tough. The new material is said to bring not only better strength, but also a visually appealing appearance.

“When creating OnX Tough, we set out to design a next generation resin that addressed the limitations of 3D printed smiles today – durability and poor aesthetics,” said Sumeet Jain, Ph.D., Vice President, Materials.

At the heart of the problem the company wanted to solve is the lack of uniformity in the particles, which leads to more fractures and less reliable bonds. The particles in the existing hybrid resins were simply too large to ensure uniform distribution. SprintRay felt compelled to change this. They also found that the mechanical properties of the devices were deteriorating significantly over time. To solve this problem, the company focused on researching the relationship between dentures and water molecules.

They knew they had to increase the bond between the filler and the plastic to prevent fractures – and at the same time create a barrier against the pesky water molecules that can weaken dentures.

That was the birth of NanoFusion. OnX Tough is the first-ever 3D-printed dental material made with the proprietary NanoFusion process.

The manufacturing process developed by SprintRay pushes the boundaries of materials science technology – far beyond what was ever thought possible. NanoFusion allows for a smaller, uniform and evenly distributed nanosized fill. Nanoparticles provide higher density, which means more strength, and homogeneous composition, which results in a smoother surface. But that’s not all. There is also no more need for additional mixing or rolling.

Materials moulded with NanoFusion ensure a novel composition and form dense polymer chains to deliver dental restorations with best-in-class fracture toughness.

The next generation hybrid ceramic resin is 5 times tougher than any first generation technology. NanoFusion technology not only provides unparalleled durability, but looks good doing it.

Simply put, it’s SprintRay’s most innovative hybrid ceramic resin yet. With OnX Tough, remarkable durability, superior aesthetics and streamlined workflow are not the goal, but a new standard for dental 3D printing resins.

Exceptionally impressive, unmistakably SprintRay

OnX Tough is a direct result of years of experience with advanced materials science and a relentless commitment to pushing the boundaries.

The company has left no questions unanswered in developing the NanoFusion technology that makes this leap in performance possible. The advances in aesthetics speak for themselves. When you print with OnX Tough, you can expect a smooth surface that mimics natural enamel while optimising translucency – every time.

And with every new innovation, SprintRay considers the entire workflow from start to finish. Streamline your printing process while exponentially increasing patient satisfaction and profits. OnX Tough is easy to process and characterise, enabling a highly efficient workflow in the office.

The need for next-generation speed

Is it possible to deliver dental restorations that are 5 times more durable and lifelike than ever before without sacrificing speed?

According to SprintRay, it is. In just 60 minutes, you can print, wash and cure a complete custom set of dentures with the SprintRay ecosystem. With each new innovation, the company considers the entire workflow from start to finish. That’s why they’ve developed the first ceramic hybrid resin that can be 3D printed, washed and cured to optimise effectiveness.

Save time with easy tear-off supports, no additional mixing and a straightforward finishing process. Achieve unprecedented strength and aesthetics with lab-quality OnX Tough – the first innovation of its kind and the last you should miss.

For more information about Sprintray, please visit sprintray.com.

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