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Steakholder Foods signs Million Dollar Deal for 3D Printing of Hybrid Meat

The Israeli company Steakholder Foods specializes in the production of cultured meat. It has now entered into a multi-year cooperation with a government company from the Gulf Cooperation Council. The goal is to set up pilot production and later a large-scale facility for 3D printing hybrid meat from fish and meat. Steakholder Foods is contributing its patented 3D printing technology to the effort.

Initial steps include the construction of a pilot plant for the production of 3D-printed hybrid fish products, financed by the strategic partner. The long-term plan is to build an unprecedented large-scale production facility in the Persian Gulf region. In the process, Steakholder Foods will receive a significant down payment for providing its 3D printing technology.

The MOA envisions scaling Steakholder Foods’ 3D printing technology throughout the GCC region. This includes countries such as Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

At the heart of the collaboration is Steakholder Foods’ technology, which combines sophisticated ready-to-cook (RTC) 3D printing technologies and specialized bio-inks. This enables the production of diverse cultured meat, fish and plant-based products. The common goal is to overcome the limitations of conventional meat and fish production and produce consistently high-quality food.

Arik Kaufman, CEO of Steakholder Foods: “After intensive years of development, Steakholder Foods is excited to sign this first agreement with a strategic partner, generating our first income stream that represents one of the first substantial income agreements for a company in the cultivated meat industry, a huge step forward. We believe that we have chosen the right partner, and together, we are committed to advancing the cause of food security and creating a positive impact on the world.”

Yair Ayalon, VP of Business Development at Steakholder Foods: “This strategic partnership marks a pivotal moment in our journey to commercialize our 3D printing capabilities. Looking ahead, we remain committed to pursuing additional strategic partnerships to enable us to deliver innovative solutions for the foodtech industry.”

The collaboration between Steakholder Foods Ltd. and the GCC body marks a significant advance in the cultured meat industry. With a focus on 3D printing technology, they could revolutionize food production and provide more sustainable nutritional alternatives.

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