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TreeD Filaments Releases Complete Guide to Using Thermopolymers in Thermal Extrusion 3D Printing Technologies

Italian leading technical filament manufactuer TreeD realsed the most complete and up to date guide for 3D printing materials, with is all there is to know about polymers in order to obtain the best results with 3D Printing. The compact Doctor Filaments, Guide for 3D Printing Materials intends to provide information for the optimal use of polymer-based filaments produced by us in the 3D printing industry.

Through this information, the company hopes to provide all of the necessary information needed to choose the ideal material required for the specific application. This guide will lay out specific characteristics of the most widely used polymers in the industry, offering a quick and comprehensive look at each 3D printing material.

“Here at TreeD Filaments we think that the progress is easier to reach if we all share a bit of the knowledge we own and make it available for the others,” said Dario Negrelli-Pizzigoni, TreeD’s founder.

The material data included refers to the many different filaments produced by the 3D printing filament TreeD. The data was “borrowed” from industrial production and is commonly used in industrial fields. The guide does not consider any materials that are uncertain or currently non-existent in the
industrial market. Some materials may include of small quantities of additives in order to enhance the 3D printing process.
Therefore, the following information comes from both major plastic materials manufacturers data-sheets, as well as TreeD’s own manufacturing experience and practice, which has been supported by top-notch research laboratories.

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