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YouTuber 3D prints efficient vertical wind turbine for power generation

In a video, YouTuber Robert Murray-Smith presents wind turbine prototypes that are modelled on nature. The rotor blades of the 3D-printed vertical axis wind turbines feature small protrusions that are modelled on the fins of humpback whales.

According to Murray-Smith, these so-called tubercles, wave-shaped protrusions on the fin, have several advantages: they increase efficiency at low wind speeds, reduce noise and vibrations and ensure a better energy yield even in turbulent wind conditions. The latter is particularly relevant for urban use.

In tests with a fan, a 3D-printed rotor with tubercles achieved around 50 percent higher rotational speed than a smooth design. Murray-Smith sees this as confirmation that nature is a suitable model for innovations in the use of wind power.

The YouTuber makes the 3D print files for the replica whale fin available for free on Thingiverse. According to Murray-Smith, the tubercle blades can be easily reprinted and combined to create wind turbine rotors.

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