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YouTuber builds outboard for paddle board using 3D printing

In a new video, the YouTube channel “rctestflight” has demonstrated how 3D printing and a mini V8 engine can be used to build a drivable outboard for a paddle board. Various self-designed components were used in the process.

An 8-motor for model building purposes served as the drive. The YouTuber attached it to a board that served as a base plate using a 3D-printed bracket, gearbox and clutch. In addition, a rotating underwater housing was designed for the shaft and propeller.

Initial water tests showed that the self-developed coupling had reached its limits. As a result, a more robust coupling system was designed using intermeshing gears to gradually transmit the rotary motion.

With this drive, the paddle board could finally be propelled at a speed of up to 8 km/h.

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