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YouTuber shows how he 3D prints a statue of himself

YouTuber Matty Benedetto from the “Unnecessary Inventions” channel has recreated himself as a life-size statue using 3D printing. In numerous individual parts, an exact copy of the inventor in original size was created. Using a motion sensor, the “3D Matty” now greets every visitor who enters the studio of Unnecessary Inventions with a friendly announcement.

For the ambitious project, Benedetto first modelled an action figure of himself in 3D. He then scaled up the individual body parts such as legs, arms, torso and head. The large components were then manufactured on multiple 3D printers simultaneously. According to Benedetto, the printing alone took several weeks.

In the entrance hall of the studio, the YouTuber finally assembled all the individual parts and installed a motion detector in the chest area of his doppelganger. This triggers a pre-recorded audio file when a person enters. The 3D Matty greets every visitor with the words “Hello and welcome to the Unnecessary Studio”.

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