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3D Printed Parts made from Arkema’s Bio-Based Pebax Rnew Elastomers now Available from Erpro 3D Factory

Erpro 3D Factory has developed an integrated supply chain in Europe to produce custom parts from Arkema bio-based elastomers using selective laser sintering (SLS).

Arkema’s Pebax Rnew elastomers, made in part from renewable castor beans, are known worldwide for their use in demanding applications such as high-performance athletic footwear, consumer electronics and medical devices. Parts made from these innovative elastomers are typically specified for their combination of light weight and excellent energy return, and are most often injection molded or extruded.

The ability to now manufacture 3D printed parts from these materials on a large scale opens up new possibilities for our customers and is a milestone for Erpro 3D Factory and Arkema.

“We are delighted to announce this exciting new launch which further strengthens our unique range of advanced bio-based 3D printing solutions,” said Adrien Lapeyre, Arkema 3D Printing Program Director. “By working hand in hand with Erpro 3D Factory, we were able to develop this innovative elastomeric powder optimized for advanced laser sintering and we look forward to work with our customers to soon bring exciting new applications to the market enabled by 3D printing.”

Cyrille Vue, CEO of the Erpro group, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating “by partnering with Arkema, we are introducing a ground-breaking improvement over TPU materials. Pebax elastomers take our offer up to a whole new level – both in terms of performance, and use of renewable resources.”

Parts printed from the new Pebax Rnew powder will soon be available on the EASY3D platform, which provides customers with a straightforward ordering process.

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