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3D Printed Patterned Landscapes Made on ZMorph

Students from the University of Nicosia designed and manufactured a stunning set of 3D printed patterned landscapes. ZMorph multitool 3D printer was used in the process.

Cyprus is a sunny island country on the Mediterranean Sea with the history dating back to the ancient Greek times. These roots are still influencing their modern achievements in culture, art, and architecture. Michail Georgiou from [ARC] University of Nicosia mixed tradition with technology during his recent course of Advanced Computer Aided Design which resulted in the creation of geometrically shaped 3D printed patterned landscapes.


Designing advanced geometries

Participants of the course were tasked with creating a 2D geometric shape before they started with the main task. Next, they used these shapes to create 3D patterns in Rhinoceros 3D/panelling tools and populated them on plates 125 mm x 125 mm width and 25 mm max in height.

Utilizing the knowledge acquired during the Advanced Computer Aided Design course, students designed 18 tessellated tiles with various geometric shapes with sharp edges, lobed waves, rough surfaces, and organic formations. With the help of ZMorph multitool 3D printers owned by the University of Nicosia, they were able to manufacture their bold ideas into reality.


Each tile took an average of nine hours to print with 1.75 mm plastic extruder and white ABS. With the help of Voxelizer software, students optimized their prints in such way that the objects didn’t require any support, just a power raft at the bottom.

Once manufactured, these 3D printed patterned landscapes designed by the students from Nicosia became a stylish proof of their creativity that would impress even the ancient Greek masters of decorative arts.


Creators of the 3D printed patterned landscapes

This amazing project was a result of a collective work of 2nd-year students which we’d like to credit here out of respect for their creativity and craft. List of creators of 3D printed patterned landscapes includes: Marcou Andreas, Kouzari Kleitos, Evangelidou Elena, Rousta Anna, Pissarides Alexandros, Theofanous Demetris, Ioannou Nicolas, Sergiou Irene, Arpalikli Nursan, Moiseenkova Natalia, Colomeiciuc Arcadie, Zampellakis Stergos, Ioannidou Tatiana, Fotiou Andreas, Nicolaou Antonios, Lazarides Chariton, George Klados, Manos Doulianakis, and Maria Doxastaki. The course was led by Michail Georgiou.


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