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Mobile Maker Space: 3D Printing in the Camper Van

Ladi and Margaret are avid Makers who not only convert and rebuild camping buses in their spare time, but also Tiny Houses, workshops and e-bikes. Their latest project is an extensive conversion of a camper bus into a mobile Maker Space packed with high-tech features.

At the heart of the Maker Space camper is an integrated 3D printer, which the two tinkerers can use to print out their own designs and spare parts while on the road. The built-in 3D printer is a Prusa i3 MK3 with multi-material upgrade, which boasts precision, reliability and ease of use. It can be used to create complex prints in high quality.

To power the printer, the camper is equipped with a powerful solar system with 2kW peak power. The energy generated not only powers the printer, but also the lighting, cooling and entertainment electronics on board. There is also a workshop area with a workbench and tools to rework prints and implement new projects.

The concept is rounded off by a garage for two e-bikes and a lift-bed construction to make optimum use of the available storage space. Despite the high degree of expansion, the vehicle is still comparatively inexpensive at $25,000 including the base vehicle – but without tool and machine costs.

With this project, Ladi and Margaret impressively demonstrate that high-tech applications such as 3D printing can now also be implemented in the mobile sector.

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