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AMIS opens public beta for latest version of its AMIS Pro software

AMIS, a provider of software for additive printing, has launched the public beta version of its “AMIS Pro” software. This version is temporarily offered free of charge via a dedicated website in order to collect early feedback from users.

AMIS has set itself the goal of incorporating feedback from users and OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) directly into development.

“Even though there’s 25 years of experience in jetting software development in the team, we consider ourselves a start-up now. And with over 25 years of start-up experience in the team, we know there’s only one right way, and that’s the customers’ way”, says Kris Binon, aptly labelled ‘XYZ Manager’.

The beta version of AMIS Pro makes it possible to prepare print jobs more efficiently. This includes adding parts to a print job, positioning, orienting and scaling the parts, nesting the parts, cutting the batch and creating output for a printer. In addition, functions such as saving and reopening batches, defining layer thickness and setting up printers are integrated.

Nick De Roeck, AMIS CEO, explains: “when meeting OEM’s and end-users, we‘ve established that even the current version would add value to some of them. From here onwards, we’ll continue implementing the 30+ additional features on our roadmap. For quite some of those, we can leverage technology provided by our parent company, Hybrid Software Group.”

The software offers a “CAD in, print out” system and ensures a smooth transfer of data to the print heads by connecting to the METEOR INKJET METPRINT software.

Binon elaborates on the logic behind the AMIS Pro software: “We’ve designed the software with a workflow logic in mind: which steps does the person in charge of preparing builds take? What tools does he need under his fingers at which point in time? That in itself differentiates our product, as well as the injection of decades of experience producing industrial jetting software.”

The public beta version of AMIS Pro v1 is an important step towards integrating user feedback into the development of 3D printing software. This enables more precise customization of the software to the needs of users and could significantly advance the field of 3D printing.

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