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AON3D presents “Hylo” – Smart High-Temperature 3D Printing System with accompanying Software

North American company AON3D, known for its industrial 3D printers and software solutions, today introduced “Hylo,” an innovative high-temperature 3D printer, and “Basis,” an additive manufacturing software with process simulation and machine learning. Together, they facilitate the printing process of high-performance polymers and carbon fiber composites.

With an impressive footprint of 65 x 45 x 45 cm and a chamber that can withstand temperatures of up to 250°C, Hylo promises high-speed printing at up to 500 mm/s. Thanks to its IDEX technology, both duplication and support modes are possible. But what makes this printer stand out are its ‘smart’ features. It is equipped with over 25 integrated sensors that continuously monitor the printing process to ensure reliable and accurate parts.

Many high-temperature 3D printers struggle to print high-performance polymers such as PEEK or ULTEM. This is often due to outdated hardware and software architectures. Historic systems often use blanket settings for printing, leading to errors and a general assumption that these polymers are difficult to print.

The “Basis” software represents the core of AON3D’s new product ecosystem. It minimizes process variability through intelligent slicing and in-process monitoring. Basis adds material-specific thermal awareness to the slicing process and dynamically adjusts process parameters. In addition, Basis allows users to verify the quality of printed parts by viewing process data captured by Hylo in 3D.

In conclusion, AON3D has made significant advances in the 3D printing industry with “Hylo” and “Basis.” With these tools, printing high-performance polymers becomes easier, faster and more reliable.

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