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Aquilaes – Jewellery Takes on a New Dimension with 3D Technology

3D for jewellers is rather like digital photos for photographers. Far from being a simple gimmick, it involves a major change, which requires an adaptation but, which is essential for jewellers. They have to find ways to ride with the winds of change. Like any others evolutionary process, 3D is rich with opportunities: it simplifies bespoke creations, it modernizes the merchandising but it also enables jewellers to design and manufacture jewels in a quicker and less expensive way. In this way, 3D techniques become a key success factor for jewellers to meet the increasing demand of bespoke creations and the requirements to create new collections more and more frequently.3d_printing_jewellery_aquilaesThanks to 3D technics, jewellery takes on a new dimension as the design and manufacturing process is revolutionised. In the traditional manufacturing process, the jeweller carves a model in metal or wax, we call it ‘master 1’. He coats it with hard plaster in order to make a mould and replicate this jewel. Whereas with 3D technics, the jewel is designed on a computer using a software, which enables to print the jewel in wax and to replicate it as much as necessary. In this way, thanks to the 3D file, both steps the carving and the manufacture of the mould become one.


In the jewellery sector, the two main advantages of 3D printing and manufacturing are: to simplify the complexity of the process (in fact, it is easier to adjust some details on a 3D files, rather than crave these details), to make the production more flexible (if a declination of a model or some adjustments are needed, all these modifications can be made directly on the 3D files instead of producing another master and another mould). One more advantage refers to 3D rendering, indeed, the 3D file provides realistic 3D renderings of an exceptional quality which allows to validate the visual aesthetic of the jewel prior its manufacture and save on jewels visuals costs.


AquilaesThis is a guest by Aquilaes, a CAD and CAM service for jewellers. Their core proposition is to help them to benefit simply, quickly and in an inexpensive way, from all the advantages of 3D printing and 3D rendering of jewelleries.

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