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Autodesk 123D Make Intro now Available for iOS and Mac OSX (Update)

Autodesk has released its 123D Make software for Appel’s iOS and Mac OSX

10.05.2012 – Autodesk’s software 123D enables user to create and process 3D models. Various modules like 123D Catch, 123D Sculpt, 123D Make and, as of now, 123D Gallery are available free of charge.

Autodesk 123D Make allows for conversion of 3D models into 2D objects. Thereby construction plans for laser cutter can be created.

Releasing the iOS Version, Autodesk takes a further step towards mobile use of its software.


Update: 04.07.2013 – Autodesk 123D Maker extended by convenient “3D Print Utility” function.

Autodesk enhances the software 123D Make by a convenient function for 3D printing. Functions summarised under the title “3D Print Utility” allow for import of .STL files and offer automatic functions like:

  • automated repair
  • scaling of model
  • automated chamfer
  • automated thickening of thin areas
  • illustration of printing platform
  • automated positioning of multiple objects
  • automated file transfer of MakerWare und Objet Studios

However, at the moment functions are mainly available for 3D printer by MakerBot and Objet (Stratasys).

via 123DApp

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