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CAD Exchanger 3.24.0 facilitates handling of 3D CAD data

CAD Exchanger has released an update to its software suite for 3D CAD and product design. Version 3.24.0 is intended to enable users to work better with three-dimensional CAD data.

According to the manufacturer, component recognition has been improved in the “Lab” and “Visualization Toolkit” modules. This allows individual 3D model parts to be selected and edited in a more targeted manner. Two new program examples also demonstrate the rotation and renaming function via the SDK interface.

For the connection to game engines such as Unity, the performance when converting CAD objects into Unity format is said to have increased by a factor of four. According to CAD Exchanger, complex 3D models can be imported within seconds. A step-by-step guide also makes it easier for Unity beginners to work with CAD data.

The Web Toolkit for visualization via web browsers has also been updated. Users can now customize the “View Cube” control element for 3D navigation and control two 3D views in parallel. The clip level for model clipping can be defined more precisely.

In production, the “Manufacturing Toolkit” module now recognizes more complex milling geometries and sheet metal components with cut-outs more reliably. The display of possible “weld distortion” for welded components has become more detailed.

According to the manufacturer, CAD Exchanger 3.24.0 is now available for Windows and Linux.

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