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ChromaSet modular upgrade kit for fast multi-material 3D printing on Kickstarter

The company Co Print has introduced ChromaSet, a modular upgrade kit for existing 3D printers that is designed to enable multi-material printing and higher speeds. ChromaSet is now available via a Kickstarter campaign.

At its heart is the ChromaPad, a powerful controller with special firmware. It replaces the original printer controller. For multi-material printing, there is the ChromaHead print head and the compact CX-1 extruders.

According to Co Print, ChromaSet achieves three times the speed of standard 3D printers (300+ mm/s) and supports multi-material printing of various filaments. The components can be upgraded, are compatible with common printers and can be combined in a modular fashion.

More extruders can be connected via add-on modules such as the Extended Chroma Module. ChromaPad can control up to 8 printers simultaneously. The special ChromaScreen firmware is based on Klipper and has been optimized for multi-material printing.

According to Co Print, ChromaSet is aimed at ambitious users who want to expand the possibilities of their 3D printer. Thanks to its modular design, customized upgrade kits can be put together for many printer models.

Prices for the ChromaSet start at 449 US dollars on Kickstarter and delivery is planned for March 2024.

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