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CyBe to 3D-print four-story apartment in Eindhoven

CyBe is a specialist in 3D concrete printing with proprietary hardware, software, and printing materials. With these tools, CyBe is pushing the boundaries and collaborating with Lab040 in Eindhoven to create the first-ever, 3D printed, four-story apartment.

High-volume construction

Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) is a way of constructing completed and finished units off-site for on-site installation. Using this modular construction technology, 3D units are produced in controlled factory settings with optimized construction methods and building materials.

The modules can be delivered to the construction site in a variety of states — from basic structural blocks to fully finished apartments complete with amenities. The assembly process is quick and maintains the concrete’s inherent benefits such as providing fire resistance, sound absorption, and thermal mass.

New ecological and economical standard of living

CyBe creates living solutions that help people and the environment. CyBe’s maximal Energy Performance Coefficient (EPC) is 0.2, setting the bar with an industry low. This figure translates to reduced costs in gas, water, and light — in some cases to zero. This also indicates low CO2 emissions — the process can even be oxygen positive.

Picture: CyBe

Sustainable Development Goals

CyBe’s holistic business model addresses several of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), such as SDG 11, Sustainable Cities and Communities. CyBe uses a micro and macro approach to ensure that cities and other communities are created to be inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable. This is evident through CyBe’s use of economic and ecologically minded building technologies, and also through their community-focused programs and initiatives.

A better way to construct PPVC modules

The CyBe G Gantry is a 3D concrete printer that can print anywhere within an established three-dimensional zone. It can be set up on-site, but it is best suited for printing large modules, such as finished apartments, in an off-site factory setting. This system is a stable setup of four columns and three beams and is ideal for PPVC construction.

The Gantry’s fast and large-scale capabilities make it ideal for printing multi-unit, multi-story buildings with PPVC. Printing off-site with the Gantry system, modular PPVC units can be continuously printed in the factory and then transported and connected on-site. With this process, installation activities are moved off-site, creating a better factory environment with reduced dust and noise pollution. The on-site assembly process is also simplified with PPVC, requiring less manpower and resulting in a safer construction environment.

Why 3D concrete printing?

Future-focused companies in the construction industry have their sights set on 3D concrete printing. It’s an efficient method of building that minimizes materials and labor costs and maximizes production. Particularly in a housing shortage period, 3D concrete printers bring incredible value to the construction industry.

3D concrete printing is an ideal way to construct Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC). PPVC is a way of constructing completed and finished units in an off-site location and then installing them into place on-site. CyBe Construction’s PPVC system is uniquely developed for 3D concrete printing and cuts traditional construction costs in half.

Experience in the construction industry

CyBe is the legacy of Hendriks Construction, a 100-year-old industry leader. Led by Berry Hendriks, CyBe’s cutting-edge 3D printing approach to construction warranted its own professional incorporation and in 2013, CyBe and CyBe Construction were established. Shortly after, the first 3D concrete printing hardware, software, and materials were developed for industrial use.

Both Hendriks and CyBe Construction share a vision for an improved society — this vision is in the DNA of the CyBe organization. For CyBe, this means enabling companies to build faster with less resources, producing affordable, sustainable, and ecologically durable constructions.

CyBe sells 3D concrete printers worldwide and is the main 3D printing contractor in the Netherlands. In addition to 3D concrete printers, CyBe produces high-quality proprietary tools including Chysel and Artysan software, CyBe Mortar, and the CyBe Lybrary learning platform. CyBe also offers design and engineering services to clients. This holistic approach simplifies the complex construction process and creates more efficient workflows. It allows companies to construct with 3D printing and benefit from faster and more sustainable production.

CyBe Mortar is a stand-out in the 3D construction arena. Producing locally significantly lowers transportation costs and reduces CO2 emissions by 32%. CyBe Mortar sets in only three minutes and achieves structural strength in one hour. This results in a fast and efficient printing process, reduced costs, and a sustainable outcome.

For more information about CyBe, please visit cybe.eu.

To learn more about Lab040, please visit www.livinglab040.com.

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