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Edible Growth Project

The Dutch designer Chloé Rutzerveld modified a 3D printer to create little healthy snacks for her “Edible Growth” project.

The ingredients of her delicacies are seeds and spores that grow into edible plants within about five days. Rather than focussing on existing food that can be 3D printed, Rutzerveld thought about what kind of locally available and sustainable ingredients could be used to create 3D printed food. The dough-like base matrix consists of dried vegetables and fruits, nuts and agar agar, a gelatinous algae paste. This is then infused by spores and seeds as well as yeast and other bacteria. The cover of the snack can be 3D printed in different geometrical shapes, allowing for the mushrooms, sprouts and watercress to grow.



The Edible Growth project is currently in the prototype phase and Rutzerveld has been working on optimising the process.



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