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Envisiontec launches two new printheads for the 3D-Bioplotter

EnvisionTEC’s 3D-Bioplotter is one of the most used printers to research tissue engineering and bio-fabrication. The printer – initially launched in 2000 and currently in its 4th generation – can now be upgraded with two new printheads.

New Photo-Curing head

The new Photo-Curing head allows the usage of up to five wavelengths (365, 385, 395, 405 and 455 nm) build in one single source pen. The wavelength can be used separately or in combinations during one photo-curing process. This provides an alternative to the commonly used 365 nm, which can negatively impact cell survivability compared to more visible light ranges.

New Ink-Jet head

Besides, a new Ink-Jet low-temperature head enables the dispensing of low viscosity hydrogels to create coatings or to fill pores in hybrid scaffolds. The non-contact process has a 100-micron controllable aperture, a dispensing duration of 0.4 ms to 100 ms, and a frequency range of 1-100 Hz. The cartridge mount is heatable in order to control the perfect processing temperature and fits 3 ml and 10 ml cartridges.

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