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EOS presents new metal 3D printing system EOS M 300-4 1kW at Formnext 2023

The 3D printer manufacturer EOS announces the launch of the EOS M 300-4 1kW Metal 3D Printer a system that integrates four powerful one-kilowatt lasers. The main goal of this system is to meet production requirements for 3D printed aluminum and copper applications, including components such as brackets and heat exchangers.

Sebastian Becker, EOS metals systems manager, emphasized the significant advance that the EOS M 300-4 1kW represents over its predecessors. He underscored the system’s ability to serve increasing demands for challenging materials such as copper, while maintaining high reliability.

The technical specification of the EOS M 300-4 1kW not only includes a 300x300x400mm build envelope, but also reliable dual-axis scanning units. This is complemented by a layer thickness of 80 µm and an impressive build rate of 154 mm³/s.

Manja Franke, Chief Strategy Officer at AMEXCI, a 3D printing specialist, was also positive about the new system. She emphasized the transformative potency of additive manufacturing in general and how platforms like the EOS M 300-4 1kW can help produce complex components. In doing so, the system offers design flexibility, weight reduction and sets new standards in terms of future viability.

At the time of market launch, the EOS M 300-4 1kW is particularly suitable for industries such as aerospace, energy, government and defense. The company plans to further expand the system’s material portfolio from 2024. Additional added value is provided by the robust Volkmann PowTrex EOS Edition powder handling system, which promises superior performance in powder processing.

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