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EVAP Investment and Assembrix Invest in UAE 3D Printing Industry

EVAP Investment and Assembrix have partnered for the development of regional 3D printing projects in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOA), the aim is to develop value-added regional projects that will establish the UAE as a shining center of 3D printing technology.

“We are pleased to partner with EVAP Investment and excited to be part of huge opportunities of the additive manufacturing market in the UAE. Our partnership will achieve a new milestone of innovation and progress in the UAE and GCC regions’ additive manufacturing landscape. “, said Lior Polak, CEO, Assembrix Ltd.

A centerpiece of this alliance is Assembrix’ “Virtual Manufacturing Space” (VMS) – a platform that has already established a firm position as a secure platform for additive manufacturing worldwide. Using the VMS product to remotely control additive manufacturing in conjunction with local smart factories, the goal is to enable the production of 3D printed parts for international manufacturers in the aerospace, oil & gas, defense and beyond industries. This is done by meeting their requirements through a UAE-based secure network of distributed manufacturing.

The primary goal of this remarkable alliance is to create an innovative channel that not only drives local revenue generation, but also cultivates new job creation and the growth of advanced manufacturing expertise within the region.

“Together, EVAP and Assembrix will connect all stakeholders to deliver Technology, Know-How and Data Protection in the UAE and GCC additive manufacturing eco-system,” said Kim Schofield, Managing Director, EVAP Investment LLC.

Believing this to be the first in a series of steps that will help further cultivate and expand the additive manufacturing sector in the UAE and beyond, market watchers are closely following developments within this partnership.

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