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Fraunhofer IFAM Dresden Plans New Facility for Selective Electron Beam Melting

The Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials IFAM plans to build a centre for Selective Electron Beam Melting (SEBM) in Dresden, Germany, within the next two years.

With the order of a Q20plus 3D printer from Swedish manufacturer Arcam, IFAM has just added the second machine for additive manufacturing metal parts to their technology centre. Further systems will follow within the next couple of years.

Arcam Q20plus
Arcam Q20plus

The Q20plus features the largest build volume of currently available SEBM systems, being able to print parts with a maximum diameter of 350 mm and hight of 380 mm. It uses a high power electron beam to melt metal powder and build stress relieved components layer-by-layer in vacuum. Metals most commonly used are titanium, nickel, steel and other metal alloys.

The Fraunhofer IFAM offers their industry partners as well as research facilities services from powder to components, including feasibility studies, the assessment of powders for additive manufacturing as well as the qualification of new materials for SEBM processes. Additionally, the institute develops components as well as manufactures them through SEBM, including post-processing.

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