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Holo presents Industrial Metal 3D Printer H200

Metal 3D printing company Holo has unveiled its new H200 metal 3D printer. The H200 printing platform is based on Holo‘s proven PureForm process, which is characterized by lithographic, high-resolution printing.

The system is designed to produce parts with a precision and surface finish that rivals previous industrial manufacturing processes, at a cost point that offers economic benefits for both one-offs and high-volume production.

Over the past nine months, Holo has used the H200 in its own service offering to produce complex metal parts with leading resolution and precision. The parts feature details down to 50µm and maintain tight tolerances of +/-25µm or +/-0.1% to one dimension. The surface quality achieved corresponds to that of commercial MIM parts (Metal Injection Molding) and makes subsequent processing steps superfluous.

In addition to the quality, the H200 printing platform also impresses with its scalability. Complex geometries, such as dental abutments, are produced within eight seconds per part, while precise tolerances are guaranteed even with hundreds of parts.

The range of materials currently includes stainless steel grades 17-4PH and 316L as well as pure copper. The portfolio is soon to be expanded to include Inconel and Ti-64, with all commercial materials meeting MPIF-35 specifications.

With over 10,000 parts already delivered to customers, Holo has proven that the H200 is ready for commercial use. Customers from demanding industries such as medical technology, aerospace, consumer electronics and the semiconductor industry rely on PureForm technology.

“True to CAD from Holo’s technology means that our H200 system produces MIM-quality parts without the mold,” said Holo Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Arian Aghababaie, PhD. “For most applications, our technology does not require parts to go through any post-machining or polishing; it sinters parts to spec for a first-time-right approach suited for demanding, high-volume end-use applications.”

The H200 is available as a turnkey solution and offers, among other things

  • An installation space of up to 244 x 195 x 200 mm
  • A resolution for structures down to 50µm
  • Integrated software
  • Compatibility with standard 240V MIM ovens
  • No handling of hazardous powders or inert atmosphere equipment required

“We are thrilled for customers to gain access to the H200,” said Holo CEO Hal Zarem, PhD. “Production volumes of parts in fields like surgical instruments will be within reach, finally fulfilling the promise of additive manufacturing as a scalable, production-ready suite.”

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