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Leapfrog Introduces XceL 3D Printer

The Dutch manufacture Leapfrog publishes the specification and pictures of their new 3D printer. The XceL will be specially built for large size objects.

Leapfrog is well known for their Creatr HS 3D printer and its brother the Creatr HS Lite. Like the Creatr HS Lite the Xcel will only be able to print with PLA filament. But the XceL is a lot bigger than the other Creatr 3D printers. When using one extruder it has built area of 530 x 500 x 2300 mm and with two extruders it still has 510 x 500 x 2300mm.

The XceL is bigger than the typical 3D printer but there are use cases where such a huge building area may be needed. The mechanical components and the electric parts are inside a case with the size of 945 x 1030 x 2900mm. The maximum printing speed is 180mm/sec. The accuracy for horizontal movement is 0.018mm and for vertical movements it is 0.010mm.

Different nozzles can be mounted onto the extruder(s) – a diameter between 0.35 and 1.2mm is possible. The Xcel 3D printer uses filament with a diameter of 1.75mm. To ensure the first layers stick well to the ground the printer has also a heat bed included. The heat bed can be programmed to different temperatures up to 80 degrees.

3D printed example