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Maker creates 3D printed clone of LTT Screwdriver

3D printing opens up fascinating opportunities to recreate and customize popular products. One example is the LTT Screwdriver developed by YouTuber Linus Tech Tips. A maker named Cheff4k has now designed a 3D printable copy of the specialty screwdriver for electronics.

Cheff4k published the free 3D model for the LTT Screwdriver Clone on Thingiverse. According to the description, the replica is easy to assemble and, like the original, has a removable ratchet mechanism and integrated bit memory.

The professional LTT Screwdriver features high-quality materials like stainless steel, a strong magnet and special bits. Cheff4k’s clone offers enthusiasts and fans the opportunity to recreate the cleverly designed tool themselves and adapt it to their needs.

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