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Maker publishes blueprint for 3D-printed digital clock

Maker Shiura has published a 3D printing tutorial for a 3D printed digital clock on Instructables. The parts are easy to print and assemble into a functioning timepiece.

According to the description, the digital clock consists of a total of three dials for hours, minutes and seconds arranged one above the other. Each dial is mounted on its own axis and is driven by a stepper motor.

Shiura recommends using an Arduino or Raspberry Pi together with a driver board for the stepper motor. The necessary software is included. According to the instructions, no support structures are required, only a rotor component should be printed with structures.

Shiura demonstrates how the digital clock works in a video. With its large, easy-to-read dials, the 3D printed clock is visually impressive. The time is set by turning the wheels by hand. A tuning guide helps to improve the accuracy.

According to Shiura, the watch is an exciting guide for 3D printer owners. With its flexible construction, the design can be adapted and expanded as required. The maker provides the STL files for reprinting free of charge on Thingiverse.

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