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Marketiger Design Software reduces the Cost of Custom Applications

Marketiger, a global full-service 3D printing solutions provider, is helping customers to take the cost and complexity out of mass customisation applications with its design expertise and innovative integrated ‘software + production’ solution, giving brand and asset owners a seamless go-to-market solution.

The challenge for most potential use cases of full-colour 3D printing isn’t in the 3D printing itself, but in designing the models, translating files, and managing the workflows to make the most of the manufacturing technology.

Marketiger is focussed on enabling brands that already have a catalogue of 3D assets to develop new revenue streams by facilitating a digital-to-physical full-colour workflow. The company’s software development team will configure a bespoke modular software solution and full production support package to enable rapid deployment.

Marketiger runs one of the largest full-colour production capacities in the world. Its proven technology — capable of recreating over 10 million colours — and substantial installed capacity lower the barriers to accessing high-quality full-colour parts.

Ronald van den Broek, Managing Partner at Marketiger explains: “Design cost is the business killer for mass customisation. Even industries with existing 3D assets, such as gaming or animation, face the challenge of making these models printable and managing the design-to-shipping workflow — and when every part is different, this can very quickly overwhelm the processes. Addressing this challenge was the driving force behind Marketiger’s customisation software solution.”

Marketiger’s customisation software offers an end-to-end workflow that covers the import of assets through to the printing, shipping and billing. This ‘software + production’ model provides brands with existing or potential 3D assets with a streamlined solution for developing new revenue streams and driving customer engagement.

An implementation of the Marketiger solution is currently being used by dice-conjurer.com for the creation of customised gaming dice. Featuring a web-based, user-friendly interface, the configurator allows users to customise the shape, style, numbering colour and embedded objects then order their dice directly from the interface. Marketiger then prints, finishes, and ships the final, perfectly balanced die/dice to the customer.

Find out more about Marketiger at marketiger3d.com.

For more information about Level Up Dice, please visit levelupdice.net.

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