Huge future potential is being predicted for additive manufacturing. During this process, which is based on digital 3D construction data, components are manufactured by adding layer upon layer of material.

This results in complex and, due to their homogeneity, highly resilient components for use in sensitive applications in a wide variety of industries (aviation and aerospace, automotive construction, medicine, industrial batch production, tool making, etc.).

The Metal Additive Manufacturing Conference is the first event in Austria that will focus exclusively on processing metallic materials and that will cover the entire value chain in this manufacturing process.

The speakers include experts of the following institutes/companies:

  • Technical University Vienna
    CD Laboratory for photopolymers in digital and restorative odontology
  • University of Leoben
  • Technical University Graz
  • Technical University Vienna- Forschungs- und Technologietransfer GmbH University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria
  • Concept Laser GmbH
  • Avio Aero a GE Aviation Business
  • Fraunhofer Institut ILT, RWTH Aachen
  • FIT Production (Fruth Innovation Technologies) PHENIX Systems, 3D Systems
  • MTU Aero Engines

Here you can find the timetable for the event.

via AdditiveManufacturing2014