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Nano Dimension Files Patent to Convert MRI and CT Scans for 3D Printing Organs and Tissues

Israeli developer of the Dragonfly 2020 Electronics 3D printer for PCBs has filed a patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for 3D printing stem cells.

This follows the announcement of the company’s collaboration with Accellta, that has developed proprietary technologies for the production of high quality stem cells, progenitors and differentiation. The two partners have successfully lab-tested a proof of concept 3D Bioprinter for stem cells. The current patent application covers a process to convert MRI and CT scans into image data suitable to 3D print structures of organs using stem cells.

The patent also covers a proprietary software that uses an algorithm to analyse the 3D structure of tissues and organs. It then converts the 3D structure into two dimensional slices, similar to a slicer program used for conventional 3D printers.

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