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NASA Catalog of 3D printed Models Continues to Grow

NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration is known for their research in aerospace engineering and their successful flights to the space. Two years ago released many complex 3D models.

Amongst other models there are space crafts, asteroids, models of landing places, complete planets or tools that were already used in space available for download. Most of the files are in the .3ds format, only a few are in .stl format which can be used for 3D printing. With this project the NASA wants to boost 3D printing, show more details of their missions and their successful work and get the masses interested in space. Especially in schools the 3D printed models should show how awesome rockets and space is.

Most models from the collection are difficult to print because they are not optimised for 3D printing. They consist of many small and very detailed parts. These parts are not printable for beginners and demand a lot of post processing. Now NASA startet adding models that are optimised for 3D printing. The new uploaded models consist of fewer parts but are less detailed. With this step it should be possible for nearly everybody to 3D print their own moon or their own mars rover.

All models are available on the NASA 3D resources website. Here you can find the models optimised for 3D printing.

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