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Polymaker Releases PC-Plus Polycarbonate Filament & Redesigns Packaging

Polymaker, producer of high-quality filament for extrusion-based desktop 3D printers, has announced the immediate availability of PC-Plus™, the company’s new polycarbonate-based material specifically designed for Extrusion-Based Desktop 3D printers. The company also announced that it has completely redesigned the packaging for its entire range of 3D printing materials, not only to vastly improve the user experience, but also to extend its reputation as a market leader in quality control.

PC-Plus is the first of two members to ship in this new polycarbonate family—PC-Max™ is scheduled to arrive later this year—developed in partnership with Covestro to provide enhanced 3D printing materials to designers, engineers and hobbyists.

Polycarbonate has become one of the most widely used engineering plastics, but up until now, it has only been available to those with expensive industrial 3D printers, or a very niche set of Extrusion-Based Desktop 3D printers. Polymaker brings this age-old material to the burgeoning industry with PC-Plus, which offers good optical clarity and better heat resistance than virtually all other 3D printing materials currently on the market. PC-Plus is available in Natural Translucent, as well as True Black and True White.


PC-Plus ships in completely redesigned packaging that Polymaker has painstakingly developed and adopted for its entire range of 3D printing materials. As avid 3D printing enthusiasts themselves, Polymaker’s engineers and industrial designers understand the frustrations and organizational issues that arise from having multiple spools and materials on hand, and the ensuing questions such as, how much filament have I used on this particular roll so far? Or, what were those recommended printing temperatures and speeds again?

To address these real concerns, Polymaker invested great time and expense to refine the entire user experience of its materials that now sets a new standard in the 3D printing industry.
For customers using printers with poor visibility and accessibility, Polymaker’s new transparent spools feature a simple measurement gauge on the label that offers a clear visual of how much filament is left on a spool. To ensure accuracy, each material’s label is designed to have a measurement relative to that particular materials molecular weight. Polymaker also redesigned its labeling system to ensure a perfectly-placed labelevery time, while offering a beautiful, clean aesthetic that complements the company’s new branding.

New Label on Spool

Seeing how rapidly the company’s customer base has grown internationally, Polymaker now includes a handy information sheet that reveals all of the product’s features and printing perimeters, and is available in five different languages.

To enhance its reputation as a market leader in quality control, Polymaker has designed a sleek, new box that not only complements the company’s branding, but also ensures great strength and protection for its globally-shipped products.
Polymaker PC-Plus™ (MSRP $39.99 per reel, or $46.99 bundled with a 8” x 8” BuildTak sheet) is now available for purchase directly on the Polymaker website; alternatively, customers can order through a select number of the company’s resellers.

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