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PolySpectra launches AI-supported 3D design platform

The company PolySpectra has introduced “neThing.xyz“, a new software for the creation of 3D CAD models. According to the company, the AI-supported generative design platform is intended to make the creation of 3D objects accessible to a broader target group.

Via a user-friendly interface, users can enter simple specifications for a 3D model in neThing.xyz, whereupon the AI software generates corresponding designs. The integration of augmented reality also enables a realistic preview of the models. After creation, the objects in the design can still be manually adjusted or shared with other users.

According to PoySpectra, neThing.xyz is characterized above all by its flexible adaptability and a smooth transition from the digital to the real world. Using the “Make it real” function, the designed 3D models can be ordered from PolySpectra with just one click and then physically printed.

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