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Prusa publishes 3D data for “Original Prusa Enclosure”

Prusa Research is one of the most well-known 3D printer manufacturers on the market. The company, which was founded by Josef Prusa, relies on open source technology for the production and development of its products. So not only is most of the software published in open licenses, but so is the hardware built.

Today, the company’s founder Josef Prusa announced that the company has released the STEP and STL files of the original Prusa Enclosure under a free license (GPL) on GitHub.

Original Prusa Enclosure is an accessory for Prusa 3D printers. So it is an enclosure which provides a stable printing environment. The enclosure reduces odors from certain materials, lowers noise levels, can be equipped with useful add-ons for increased safety and/or the ability to run the printer in public spaces, and helps print challenging materials through the passive heat of the heating bed (prevents deformation). Original Prusa Enclosure costs 369 euros at Prusa direct.

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