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Silca announces new Titanium 3D Printed Derailleur Hanger for Bike

Silca introduces its latest titanium 3D-printed product: the derailleur hanger. The derailleur hanger is the attachment point for the rear derailleur of a derailleur on a bicycle.

This component has already proven its robustness and functional reliability in several stages of the Tour de France, successfully surviving crash tests that are the measure of professional cyclists and teams.

Primarily, the derailleur hanger is offered for Shimano DirectMount, over nine frame brands as well as for UDH and UDH Direct Mount. Additional models are planned based on demand. WorldTour teams, which have spent years developing custom derailleur hangers made of steel or higher-quality aluminum alloys, launched the project. Their goal: to increase durability and shifting performance.

With modern electronic derailleurs shifting with considerable speed and force, conventional derailleur hangers made of inferior aluminum plates are reaching their limits. These can warp up to four degrees during a shift, resulting in less precise, louder and slower shifting performance. In addition, conventional shift eyes deform in even minor incidents, resulting in unnecessary bike changes and extra work for mechanics.

Silca relies here on advanced 3D modeling and AI-generated structure fills. The Silca 3DP shift eyes for SRAM and Campagnolo are 5-6 times stiffer than their aluminum counterparts and yet 2-6 grams lighter, depending on the model. For Shimano Direct Mount compatibility, the SILCA 3DP Direct Mount shift eyes offer 8-10 times greater stiffness and a weight savings of 4-12 grams by eliminating the use of the Direct Mount link from the assembly.

Already in use at World Tour level, Silca 3DP derailleur hangers were used in two Tour de France 2023 stage wins and received recognition for maintaining derailleur alignment in numerous crashes.

A unique feature of Silca 3DP derailleur hangers is an internal break notch that allows the derailleur hanger to break under heavy impact below the point of damage to the carbon frame, eliminating the risk of frame damage.

With 11 different versions covering nine of the top bicycle manufacturers as well as UDH and UDH Direct Mount, Silca 3DP derailleur hanger are initially offered.

Benefits that are clearly evident here include improved shifting speed and precision with reduced noise, reduced need for derailleur hanger alignment or adjustments after light impacts, and a weight savings of 2-12 grams depending on model and fit. The frame-saving break notch design allows the derailleur hanger to become sacrificial under the most severe impacts, protecting the frame.

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