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Startup from Miami wants to Protect the Ocean with 3D Concrete Printing from CyBe

Miami-based startup Kind Designs wants to help save the oceans with 3D-printed breakwaters. To do so, the company relies on 3D printing technology from CyBe.

The company’s “Living Sea Walls” feature a special texture that not only serves to protect against erosion and flooding, but also actively supports the local marine environment. With their rough texture and curvy shape, they provide protection and habitat for marine life, while embedded sensors continuously monitor up to 15 water parameters. This enables constant monitoring and data provision for research and analysis, providing significant labor savings over manual methods.

Conventional seawalls are often costly to produce. 3D printing with concrete provided an economical and sustainable solution for Kind Designs. CyBe Construction, an experienced player in 3D concrete printing, provided the necessary hardware, software and materials to produce the “Living Seawalls” in less than two hours. The partnership between the two companies is a symbiosis of technological expertise and environmental commitment.

Following a successful seed funding round that included GOVO Venture Partners and M4 Investing, and a $5 million capital raise, Kind Designs faces a promising future. With $4 million worth of order intentions and the additional capital, the company plans to accelerate production of their seawalls, making a substantial contribution to coastal and ocean conservation.

Kind Designs’ initiative is a powerful demonstration of how technology, and 3D printing in particular, can be used to create environmentally friendly solutions. The “Living Seawalls” offer an innovative way to address the ever-growing problem of marine degradation, combining effective coastal protection with marine biodiversity conservation. In an era where technological and environmental challenges go hand in hand, this project sets a remarkable example for future-oriented, sustainable developments.

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