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Steakholder Foods launches “ink” for Beef-3D Printing

Steakholder Foods, a food company specializing in 3D printing food, has unveiled SH Beef Steak Ink, a new “ink” for 3D printing beef steaks.

SH Beef Steak Ink features remarkable realism by mimicking the fibrous texture, appearance and flavor of a prime beef steak. The ink offers culinary versatility, enabling personalized cuts of meat and highlighting the natural flavors of cultured meat. Compatible with Steakholder Foods’ Fusion printer, it embodies the company’s vision to promote ethical and humane meat production without the need to slaughter animals.

Itamar Atzmony, Chief Engineering Officer at Steakholder Foods: “Our mastery in 3D printing technologies extends beyond our existing fish and new beef inks, to a rich tapestry of species, offering a sustainable and ethical answer to global food security challenges. With our plant-based SH Inks as the canvas and cultivated cells as the brush strokes, we’re not just recreating meat and fish with our 3D printing technology; we’re revolutionizing the future of food, one print at a time.”

The launch of SH Beef Steak Ink is part of Steakholder Foods’ broader business strategy to enrich the world with diversified food options. Following the success of SH Fish Ink, the company plans to further expand its offering of specialized inks that can replicate a variety of species to contribute to global food security and delight palates worldwide.

SH Beef Steak Ink is more than just an innovative product release; it is an important step in Steakholder Foods’ mission to diversify the culinary landscape and advance sustainable and ethical alternatives in the food sector. By combining ink technology and 3D printing, Steakholder Foods offers solutions that both deliver on taste and contribute to a more sustainable and ethical world.

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