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Turkish manufacturer MetalWorm presents two metal 3D printers

Turkish 3D printer manufacturer MetalWorm has unveiled two new robotic systems for additive manufacturing. The systems, Compact System and Special System rely on WAAM technology.

Founded in 2015, Metalworm specializes in robotic additive manufacturing. The company takes a holistic approach to problem solving that includes advanced toolpath strategies, real-time process monitoring, adaptive process control, materials science and a library of process parameters suitable for different materials and geometries.

MetalWorm’s primary goal is to produce computer-controlled, robotic, high-volume additive manufacturing systems that use MIG/MAG and TIG welding techniques. These systems utilize additive manufacturing, which offers significant advantages in terms of process, cost, and manufacturing technology.

The system library contains the process parameters for manufacturing steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloys. WAAM process parameters and associated mechanical properties for the production of other alloys, including titanium, Inconel and armor steel, will also be available soon.

The development plan for the MetalWorm system aims to reduce sector-related manufacturing times, particularly in the aerospace and many other industries. The system development roadmap includes a system design for the part manufacturer to achieve a compact solution for production by uploading the CAD data of the part to be produced into the system, and to reduce intermediate processes.

With its proprietary software, the MetalWorm system can generate alternative toolpath strategies and robot codes for different geometries depending on the material used. The MetalWorm system is offered on the market in a variety of configurations with a range of monitoring and control options.

More on both systems can also be found directly from the company.

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