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YouTuber converts CPU cooler to 3D printer hotend

In a new video, the YouTuber behind the “Proper Printing” channel attempts to convert a Raspberry Pi CPU cooler with heatpipes into a 3D printer hot end. In the process, he encounters some unexpected hurdles.

According to the YouTuber, bending the heatpipes is tricky because of the liquid they contain. In addition, the close spacing of the heatpipes limits the possible size of the heatbreak. After modifying the cooler and attaching the thread for the Heatbreak, the rest turned out to be less spectacular than expected.

During test printing, problems with the self-developed acrylic extruder mechanics occur at the beginning. After adjustments, the printing of simple models finally succeeds. However, the extruder fails with very soft TPU filament.

The YouTuber concludes that the benefits of heat pipe cooling are questionable compared to conventional hotends. In tight spaces, however, the approach could offer advantages. Despite obstacles, the project demonstrates creative development potential.

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