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YouTuber creates Air Jordans at home with 3D printer

3D printing continues to open up new possibilities and applications. In a new YouTube video, the creator Anzuis takes on the challenge of making a special pair of sneakers entirely by himself using a 3D printer: the Air Jordan 1 from Nike.

The Air Jordan 1s are considered one of the most iconic shoe models ever. They were originally designed specifically for basketball star Michael Jordan in the 1980s. To this day, the legendary shoes enjoy cult status among sneaker fans.

For his ambitious DIY project, the YouTuber first went in search of a suitable 3D model of the Air Jordans. He then divided this into several parts in order to bring it onto his printing plate. To keep the post-processing effort low, he largely dispensed with support structures during the printing process.

After several failed attempts, the result was finally a pair of Air Jordans faithfully reproduced in detail, printed entirely in plastic. Trying them on showed that the self-produced footwear looked quite good. However, as the YouTuber discovered, there was still a lack of fit and comfort.

Nevertheless, the project impressively demonstrates the potential of desktop 3D printing.

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