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YouTuber demonstrates the production of 3D-printed stamp rolls

In a video, YouTuber Becky Stern shows how you can use 3D printing to make your own stamp rollers for creative design projects.

The starting point was a small stamp roller in which a wheel with a repeating design rotates, leaving a pattern as it rolls over the paper. Becky used the stamp roller as a model to create a 3D-printed version with her own design.

In Tinkercad, she modeled a cap that fits on an acrylic painter and holds a wheel on which the desired design is applied. Both letters and custom designs are possible. Becky realized that commercial scooters often have small artifacts in the design that make the wheel spin well. So not every design is equally suitable.

According to Becky, the 3D models are easy to create and customize in Tinkercad. Those who prefer classic rubber stamps can also print these very easily. In her video, Becky gives step-by-step instructions on how to make your own stamp rolls. She makes the STL files available for free on Tinkercad.

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