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YouTuber develops 3D-printed wind wall for sustainable power generation

In a video, the science Youtuber Robert Murray-Smith deals with so-called wind walls. These are constructions that are set into vibration by air movements and can thus generate energy.

According to Murray-Smith, wind walls have great potential to use even weak air currents to generate energy. He introduces various types made of cardboard, plastic and aluminum cans and tests their efficiency.

The YouTuber is particularly interested in the Ugrinski type, which is considered especially efficient. With the help of 3D printing, he also made a modular wind wall that can be expanded at will. It functions as an axial flow generator.

Using a fan and a light bulb, Murray-Smith demonstrates how it works. He estimates that as few as ten wind walls one meter high can generate half a kilowatt of power. He makes the files for the 3D printed models available as a free download on Thingiverse.

According to the YouTuber, wind walls hold great potential as a decentralized, renewable energy source of the future. Through 3D printing, they could be produced cheaply in individual sizes. Further developments are possible if more people become enthusiastic about the technology.

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