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Build Your Own 3D Printed Replica Of The Mars

On Instructables a tutorial that describes step by step how to build a 3D printed replica of the Mars was published. But not only the planet´s model is 3D printed it also gets a paint job and a nice stand.

But before anything can be printed you have to create the 3D model. Therefore a “Mars Elevation Map” is downloaded and used inside Autocad 3ds max to create the 3D model with mountains and valleys. After this step the model was loaded inside Meshmixer and was sliced into two halves.

Inspired by the actual space contest, and because my space weapon from Destiny (Touch of Malice) was rejected, I leaned back and thought about what doing else. After a long while – maybe 30 seconds – I got an Idea – a 3d printed Version of Mars.

20 hours later, I am sitting next to my 3d printer and wait for the first half of the red planet. This tutorial, might not even help to create Mars, rather it should help to create any planet you want, existing or not.

Than the model was 3D printed with an Ultimaker 2 and Cura was used for the slicing process. The parts have a diameter of 13cm and each halve took 18 hours to print on the Ultimaker 2. After printing, the brim is removed with a sharp tool and the parts can be glued together. The last step  is to paint it the way you like.

The stand for the mars is created with acrylic glass. Inside the electronics for the light and for the rotation of the mars have their place. The complete detailed tutorial for building the Mars replica is available on Instructables.