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3DFY.ai: Text-based generation of 3D models

Generating 3D models through artificial intelligence (AI) is an emerging field that has the potential to revolutionize the way we create and use 3D models. One company making waves in this field is 3DFY.ai with its new service called 3DFY Prompt.

3DFY Prompt is a generative AI application that allows users to enter a text prompt and receive a realistic, high-quality 3D model in response. Unlike other 3D generators, 3DFY.ai’s approach to text-to-3D generation results in high-quality models that are divided into semantically meaningful parts, with excellent mesh topology, high-quality UV coordinates, and PBR textures.

The technology is category-based, meaning that it only generates 3D models in specific categories that the company has developed. The technology is functionally focused, rather than creativity focused, and generates 3D models according to real manifestations of the selected category.

Although 3DFY.ai is not currently intended specifically for 3D printed models, the concept could become interesting for AI generators in the 3D printing space in the future. The ability to quickly and easily generate 3D models from text prompts could streamline the design and production process and reduce costs associated with traditional 3D modeling methods.

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