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ADDiTEC introduces AMDroid: New Era of Metal Fabrication

ADDiTEC, a specialist in metal 3D printing, has announced a new metal 3D printer, AMDroid, a breakthrough laser wire-based DED robotic solution for additive manufacturing.

AMDroid features a high deposition rate and is specifically designed for mass production with a variety of materials, including titanium.

The system enables the production of parts on site and on demand. It offers multi-axis printing capacity for large scale reactive and non-reactive parts, utilizing a robotic architecture within a welded enclosure. The intuitive architecture allows AMDroid to be easily installed and up and running within a day. This revolutionizes the speed of prototyping and component manufacturing.

ADDiTEC’s advanced software simplifies 3D printing, making it more efficient and accessible to both experienced users and newcomers to 3D printing. By partnering with leading industrial robotics manufacturers, ADDiTEC offers flexibility in robot selection and enables industry leaders to maximize their additive manufacturing production capabilities with their preferred robotics solution.

Scheduled to begin shipping in the first quarter of 2024, the highly anticipated AMDroid represents a futuristic approach to additive manufacturing.

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